Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Book!

I am using tonight's post to announce my new book, Making the Most of the Bible: Lessons on Understanding God's Word. The book is being published by Bible Student's Press (Clyde Pilkington & Sons) and will be available for purchase in the near future. Once it is available, I will post again on this blog and provide instructions for ordering.

Have you personally struggled with understanding the Bible, or do you know anyone who has?  I first announced this book at the recent Seneca Falls conference, and began by asking this same question.  Not surprisingly, every hand in the room went up.  This is because (from the book's synopsis)...

"To say most Christians have a difficult time understanding the Bible would be the understatement of the century. From the revered King James Version with its many 'thee's, 'thy's and 'thou's, to paraphrase versions like the Living Bible and The Message, coming to grips with the truths of God's Word seems like an exercise in futility. Frustrated and hopeless, countless believers give up entirely on trying to understand the Bible and rely instead on the teachings of others they view as more educated and credible. The end result is mass confusion and spiritual immaturity."

Even within the Concordant movement where truth is heralded, many end up relying on the teachings of leaders like A. E. Knoch, Bullinger, and Charles Welch instead of searching the Scriptures for themselves. Granted, this is far better than alternative options, but we can never recognize and fully appreciate the truths of God's Word for ourselves without knowing how to accomplish that task. The Bible is a tool - a roadmap of sorts - which guides us to truth, and our ability to read the map is a foundational skill in the life of every believer. Without that ability, we are literally lost.

Making the Most of the Bible is a practical guide which teaches that crucial skill. It is a short, step-by-step, easy-to-understand instruction manual of sorts for every serious Bible student who is eager to do just what the title says - "make the most of the Bible." 

So many of the truths we understand rely on a recognition of proper translation and sound methods for approaching the text of Scripture. Before we can begin to share these truths with people who have spent their whole lives in mainstream denominations, we have to help them understand how to approach the Bible. This book does just that.

The book's chapters review the Bible's history and organization, the common translation methods used in Bible translation, the importance of language, context and figures of speech, which versions are best for study, and dispensations.  In addition, several chapters deal with common pitfalls readers frequently fall into and how to avoid them. Taking all this into account, it provides a step-by-step practical guide for approaching Bible study in the most effective way, even in terms of details like writing in your Bible, deciding which version(s) to use, determining how much to read at a time, and knowing what to have at your desk for reference when you study.

Making the Most of the Bible is a "must have" for every serious Bible student and will make the perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas season. Even if you feel confident in your own method for study, you likely know several people who are greatly in need of this book.

I currently have no need for the money my books bring in, so I do not keep it for personal use. Your contribution will be for the person or people you buy the book for and, of course, the support of the Bible Student's Press.

Please reply to this post with any questions about the book and spread the word to all who may benefit from it!

© 2012 by Stephen Hill

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