Saturday, March 29, 2014

Polygenosy: An Allegory

The year is 2021, and the world has reached an unprecedented era of ungodliness. The signs of the End Times spoken by the Apostle Paul are more evident now than they have ever been. The United States, still hailed as a powerful beacon of hope by many, is leading the crusade against righteousness while hiding behind a guise of purity and freedom. 

The U. S. government has passed the Defense of Parent - Child Equality Act (DOPE) and claims the law will put an end to the unfair discrimination between parents and their children and ensure that children are no longer victims of a cruel and archaic system.

DOPE prohibits parents from having more than one child - a practice known as "polygenosy," from the Greek poly meaning "many" and genos meaning "offspring" or "generations." Lawmakers unanimously support the legislation, reasoning that 1) a child with one or more siblings will inevitably struggle with unfair feelings like jealousy and abandonment, 2) parents with more than one child are forced to neglect their children at least part of the time, 3) parents cannot possibly love all of their children equally, 4) a child will lose his or her sense of identity and not realize his or her full potential if they are not their parents' sole focus, 5) it is unfair and discriminatory for parents to be able to have multiple children while kids cannot have multiple sets of parents, and 6) parents who desire more than one child are selfish and clearly just want more kids to serve them.

Christendom as a whole supports the DOPE legislation and upholds it as biblical stating that 1) having one child is not biblically a sin, 2) Jesus was the only begotten Son of God so God's ideal family model must be one child, 3) Paul prefers that people remain single so no Christian should get married and have any children at all, let alone more than one, 4) the practice of polygenosy is "immoral" and 5) having multiple children was okay and common in ancient, Old Testament times but is too hard and not practical or ideal today.

Since abandoning their long-held beliefs of parents having multiple children, Christians have made it their mission to preach and demand the practice of monogenosy (parents having only one child) throughout the world. In many other countries and faith groups, polygenosy is still frequently practiced, and Christian missionaries are working tirelessly to eradicate the practice, demanding that polygenostic families abandon all their children but their firstborn. Families are being torn apart as fathers (known as "polygenosts") cannot bear abandoning their children but fear spending eternity in hell if they don't obey what the missionaries claim is God's command.

Because DOPE prohibits any set of parents from having more than one child, millions of orphans - only able to now be adopted into childless homes - remain parentless and cost tax payers countless extra tax dollars. Still, the government and majority of citizens reason that it is better for these orphans to remain without parents than the "abusive" alternative of being placed in plural-child homes.

Many parents, recognizing the absurd and unbiblical nature of DOPE, have multiple children in secrecy. The government only recognizes children with a legal birth certificate as legitimate, "real" people and threatens to imprison any set of parents with multiple licensed children under a third degree felony; so plural children families have all their children beyond their first child at home without the government knowing. As a result, these "victim" children are forced to battle the daily struggle of concealing their happiness and true identity from the rest of the world, including their closest friends and extended family members.

Of the thousands of secret polygenostic families, two bizarre families that abused their children have made the news, and these two families now exist in society's eyes as the perfect and true reflection of the plural child lifestyle. A small group of "victim" children have left their plural child families and have written books and done interviews painting the polygenosy lifestyle in an awful light as manipulative, abusive and immoral. Books such as Escape from Polygenosy and Polygenosy: One Child's Story of Imprisonment currently top the New York Times Best Seller List.

On the other hand, one brave and healthy polygenosy family with the last name Green (a true example of the plural child norm) has taken a great risk and contracted with a popular television network to film a reality show in an effort to fight for the decriminalization of DOPE. Public response to the show is extremely varied. Many viewers hate and despise the "weird" and "cultish" Green family due to fear from their mere lack of understanding for their lifestyle, while many others see that the family is loving and happy in spite of their departure from societal norms and that they do not pose a threat to them in any way. While on a talk show recently, the children of the Green family fielded questions from viewers who called in during a Q & A session. One viewer asked, "How can you share your parents with your siblings? How can you watch your parents kiss your brothers and sisters? I could never share my parents!" Another caller remarked, "Y'all are crazy! I'm sorry but you must be brainwashed to be okay with not being an only child. You deserve to have all your parents' attention and this is just wrong."

For now, the majority of U. S. citizens remain supportive of the DOPE legislation and plural children families do not expect the law to be overturned any time soon. The cry of the populace is "one set of parents, one child!" In the meantime, countless children remain alone, uncared for, and dependent on a corrupt, oppressive, ungodly system. The question now is, will they realize how simple and obvious the answer to their many problems is - the answer found in Scripture... the one they used to practice?

© 2014 by Stephen Hill